“I recieved a message…but not from a wire.”

Spiritual Premonitions Among the Polynesian Saints

MAORI Mother & ChildMatthew Cowley recounts: These natives [of Polynesia] live close to God. They have some kind of power. I guess it’s just because they accept miracles as a matter of course. They never doubt anything. They used to scare me. Someone would come up and say, “Brother Cowley, I’ve had a dream about you.”

I’d say, “Don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear about it.”

“Oh, it was a good one.” “All right. Tell me.”

And they’d tell me something. Now I remember when President Rufus K. Hardy of the First Council of the Seventy passed away. I was walking along the street of one of the cities in New Zealand, and one of our native members came up—a lady.
She said to me, “President Hardy is dead.”

I said, “Is that so? Have you received a wire?”

She said, “No. I received a message, but I haven’t received any wire.” She repeated, “He’s dead. I know.”
Well, I always believed them when they told me those things. When I got back to headquarters, I wasn’t there long when here came a cablegram which said that President Hardy had passed away the night before. But she knew that without any cablegram. She told me about it.

I got out of my car once in a city. I got out to do some window-shopping to get a little rest from driving. I walked around, and finally I went around a corner, and there stood a native woman and her daughter. The mother said to the daughter, “What did I tell you?”

I said, “What’s going on here?”

The daughter said, “Mother said if we’d stand here for fifteen minutes you’d come around the corner.” Now she didn’t have any radio set with her, just one in her heart where she received the impression.

Matthew Cowley, Matthew Cowley Speaks (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1954), pp. 243-45.


“One of the Most Beautiful, Calm Feelings a Person Could Imagine”

A Remarkable Premonition Reccounted in Elder John H. Groberg’s book The Other Side of Heaven

original_cover_detailElder Groberg’s inspiring missionary memoir, The Other Side of Heaven contains a number of miraculous accounts, including this mild, but beautiful premonition:

I awoke early one Sunday morning with one of the most beautiful, calm feelings a person could imagine.  I don’t remember if it was a voice or whether I just instinctively knew that my father had been ordained a patriarch in our stake in Idaho Falls.  I remember that when I said my prayers that morning I said, “I’m glad to know that Dad is worthy to be a patriarch, and I am grateful thou didst give me this understanding.”  Three months later I got a letter from home, saying, “Guess what happened? Elder Mark E. Petersen interviewed your dad and set him apart as a patriarch.” It had happened at the time I felt the impression.

I don’t know why that message came, but I felt a deep reverence for the calling of a patriarch and sensed there is a stronger link between patriarchs and heaven than we now understand.  I had the feeling that we will have a much deeper a appreciation for our patriarchal blessings at a later time as we see things more clearly.  I also felt we should try to follow our blessings better and be more appreciative of them.