“You Are Known and Loved”

A Message Straight from our Heavenly Home

lacrimaThis story comes from Pat, on her mormon.org profile.

A year or so ago, I was going through a very dark time: broke, lonely, struggling with anxiety and depression. I read the Scriptures and prayed every day. But despite the love of my family, supportive friends, and yes–medical care–I still felt so lost! I talked with my Church leaders who reassured me and prayed with me and told me to just hang on–that  Heavenly Father was aware of my struggles and my efforts. So, I kept at it. And one night, I prayed as I sat down to read;  crying–again–I plead, “Heavenly Father, You’ve blessed me so much; I’m sorry I can’t seem to be happy. I just really need Your help. I’m such a MESS right now! Please guide me to what I need to read tonight.” As I opened my Bible to a random page, a little blue piece of paper fell out; notes I had taken during a meeting years ago. It said, “Don’t worry if your life seems like a mess right now. Stay close to the Savior. Live the commandments. You are Known and Loved.” Almost scary, isn’t it? That was a message straight from Home, to a tired tearful child from a loving Father. He does hear my prayers and answers them. He’ll answer you, too.


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