“One of the Most Beautiful, Calm Feelings a Person Could Imagine”

A Remarkable Premonition Reccounted in Elder John H. Groberg’s book The Other Side of Heaven

original_cover_detailElder Groberg’s inspiring missionary memoir, The Other Side of Heaven contains a number of miraculous accounts, including this mild, but beautiful premonition:

I awoke early one Sunday morning with one of the most beautiful, calm feelings a person could imagine.  I don’t remember if it was a voice or whether I just instinctively knew that my father had been ordained a patriarch in our stake in Idaho Falls.  I remember that when I said my prayers that morning I said, “I’m glad to know that Dad is worthy to be a patriarch, and I am grateful thou didst give me this understanding.”  Three months later I got a letter from home, saying, “Guess what happened? Elder Mark E. Petersen interviewed your dad and set him apart as a patriarch.” It had happened at the time I felt the impression.

I don’t know why that message came, but I felt a deep reverence for the calling of a patriarch and sensed there is a stronger link between patriarchs and heaven than we now understand.  I had the feeling that we will have a much deeper a appreciation for our patriarchal blessings at a later time as we see things more clearly.  I also felt we should try to follow our blessings better and be more appreciative of them.


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