“Move to the Center of the Road”

A Spiritual Prompting Helps Avert Tragedy

IMG00079This story comes from Sulet on her profile at mormon.org.

In small ways my prayers are answered everyday. We have a habit of praying before we go anywhere in the car for safety. A couple months ago, my daughter and I were driving home after midnight after watching my parents for a few hours. It was a dark and raining night and as we were driving, I had a clear impression to move over toward the center of the road. I have a habit of driving closer to the edge to avoid head on colisions. Anyway, I moved to the center and within a  half mile or so, there was a man staggering on the side of the long bridge crossing a lake. He was wearing dark clothes and I barely saw him, but because I was over I avoided a near tragedy. I have come to recognize many answers to my prayers come to me as a thought or impresson in my mind or a feeling. I am grateful to know I can pray and receive answers.


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