I Had Been Pulled Out By the Undertow

An Impression from the Spirit Helps Brings a Mother Safely Back Home

imagesThis story comes from Debi, on her mormon.org profile.

I have had my prayers answered in ways that cannot be disputed. They were answered by a loving Heavenly Father. Once a few years ago, my family and I went to the ocean. We enjoyed using the rubber raft to ride the waves back into  shore. I enjoyed this also, and my son thought it would be really fun to take me out as far as he could go. So he did and I got hit by a wave and got knocked out of the raft, the raft started to float away and my son decided to go back to shore. I  swam out to grab the raft so we wouldn’t lose it. I had reached the raft and looped my index fingers through the oarlocks and put my feet down to walk back in but the bottom of the ocean wasn’t there. I had been pulled out by the undertow. I swam as hard as I could when a wave went towards the shore but each time a wave went back out, I would get pulled farther out by the undertow. Everyone on the beach looked like little dots. Huge waves would come and beat down on me. I hung onto the raft, I felt if I let it go, I would be done for. I screamed and screamed for help but no one could hear me. My arms and fingers cramped so bad from hanging onto the boat and I had never been so scared in all my life. I couldn’t believe that no one could see the distress I was in. At that moment I was totally alone. It was then that I prayed, and prayed. All of a sudden a thought entered my mind, “put your feet and legs on top of the water.” I did this and each wave that went towards shore would bring me in but I wasn’t going back out to sea anymore. I let the waves carry me safely back to shore. It was sometime later that I realized how much like life this was. If we aren’t careful we can get caught up in  the undertow of sin. Sometimes we have to fight to keep from being swallowed up but if we hang onto the Gospel and call on our Heavenly Father he can help us to rise above and safely take us back home.


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