I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!

A 16 Year-old’s Faith in Tithing Leads to a Remarkable Coincidence

tithing-336426-printThroughout my life in the church, I’ve heard the testimonies of many people who had the faith to pay tithing in spite of financial hardship.  Frequently, these acts of faith are accompanied by stories of God “opening the windows of heaven,” so that they are able to overcome or endure their financial difficulties.  I love this story because it teaches of God’s mindfulness of our actions and obedience to His commandments.  It comes from James on his profile at mormon.org.

When I was a young man, about 16 years old, I needed to find a summer job so I could buy clothes for the upcoming school year. Jobs were hard to find that summer and I knew I needed God’s help. In my closet I had $40 dollars left from some birthday money I had received. I decided to place the $40 dollars in an envelope and give it to the Bishop that Sunday at church.  After giving him the envelope, I said a prayer and told Heavenly Father that I had paid my tithing in advance so He could help me find a job the next day. Monday morning arrived and I left my house looking for work. Amazingly, I found a job by noon that day. I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards my Heavenly Father and thanked Him in prayer. Outstandingly the miracle didn’t end there.  Later I got my first paycheck.  I couldn’t believe my eyes! When I looked at my check it was $400. The tithing I had paid in advance was exactly 10% of my first paycheck. I knew then with a sure knowledge that paying my tithing (10%) was not just an act of unselfishness, but a commandment of God. I also discovered that God hears and answers the prayers of the faithful.


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