A Beloved Journal, Lost then Found

A Stolen Journal’s Remarkable Return

sao-paulo-city-brazil1Many Mormons have stories of God helping them find lost possessions.  This story comes from Jason, a law student, from his profile on mormon.org.

When I was missionary for the Church, I served in Northern Brazil. As a missionary, I wrote in personal journals on a regular basis. My journals grew to be some of the most precious possessions I ever owned. I yearned to write in them and found great comfort in doing so. Sadly, one day as I was traveling with another missionary, we were mugged. I happened to have my journals in a bag with me and they were stolen along with our other things. I remember my heart sinking as I watched the individuals run away with my precious journals and into a city of nearly 1.5 million people. I don’t remember ever feeling so much dread and sadness before. Hours after this incident, I remember looking out a window and seeing a massive city and feeling overwhelmed. I knew my journals were out there somewhere. I then had a very strong impression that while I did not know where my journals were, God knew their exact location. I knew that somehow, if it was God’s will, those journals might possibly be returned. I prayed for weeks that I might be able to find my journals. I had such strong impressions during those moments that only God could find a way for them to be returned. To show God I truly valued the things I learned, I started another journal and continued to write regularly. Miraculously, one day I received a phone call from a missionary in the same city where I was mugged. He informed me that a man he had never seen brought my journals to the mission office where he was serving. The man told my missionary friend that he had bought the journals from those who robbed me. He asked, “are these of any value to anyone?” My journals were returned to me in perfect condition. I read them often and thank God for the miracle in my life. I continue to write in journals today. I know that God provided a way for me to get my journals back. I know that He heard my prayers. I know that He listens. I know that He answers


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